9/9/18 Meeting Minutes

Those attending
Dennis Taylor, Ardell Johnson, Janet Beagle, Gavin Botha, LC Boros, Mike Smith, Joe Mitcham


A) Outstanding issues from previous meetings:

1. Bank Account: still pending Ardell
2. Outside surveys and quotes: still pending LC
3. Next road work day and area: TBD as dependent on new developments.


B) A possible grading and construction opportunity exists as Joe Mitcham (Tennant at 4024) has been contracted to move clean and papered dirt to address grading issues on HR and HHL. As part of this work the companies responsible for moving said dirt will need to address existing road conditions and repair areas they damage.

Committee discussed various aspects of this proposal.

1. Drainage—overall survey and documentation to be completed by LC with Joe’s input
1. Clean and improve drains on upper HHL: at curve before gate between 4025 and 4014; drain across from 4020; and at end of drives for 4015 and 4025
2. Improve use of existing drainage culvert along HHL 4015
3. Address existing issues on HHL near 4002 and 4004
4. Address drainage on HR after QC along the easement of 3852
5. Drain across from HR 4008 driveway
6. Drain on HR at the last group of mailboxes
7. Two drains near 3990 HR that have metal plates covering them
8. No Issue currently with drain at 4011
9. Drain at HR entrance (south west side) of 4004 HHL
10. Add drainage at HR/HHL intersection if work for 2.1 is completed.
11. Currently no drains on QC nor are they needed.

2. Grading — TBD per Joe’s survey.
1. Improve rise of upper HR at the intersection HR and HHL
2. Possible widening of road in some sections — exact details TBD
3. Improve grading and address erosion issues on lower HR from 4001 HR (Bob the Cowboy) to start of road
4. Grading and subsidence along HR between QC and end of white fence. See also 1.4
Options may include pilings/extra fill/etc

3. New asphalt

4. Option for residents
to tag in to have their drives surfaced at a discounted rate. (Rate information pending.)

5. HR to Balcom cut through
will need to be repaired to allow residents of upper HR and HHL access if/when 1.4 occurs as well as when paving/repair is under repair.
1. LC and Joe have contact info for Vic Vierra and Gene Mandere to start moving on this

C) Updating Residents
1. Letter will be delivered to residents detailing committee discussions to date; requesting contact details for those who have not yet reported in; advising them of possibility of upcoming work; and soliciting feedback.
2. Improvement upon the past cost formulas will be made including addition of a small base line subscription amount and making note of parcels with more than one residence.
3. The new website will be used to store drainage documentation, post up to date schedules, etc.


D) Specific Residents to Involve at this time.
4015 HHL and 4101 HR Mary Campbell
4002 HHL Richard Hernadez
Owners of 4003 HHL (unknown)
3999 HHL Masato and Fumiko Kamei
3852 HR Meneses
4135 HHL Jose (he may want to seal the section from 4125 to the end.)
Vic Vierra and Gene Mandere for Balcom cut-through


Admin notes

4025 —65415026
4014 — 65415025
4020 — 65446003
4015 — 65415027
4002 —65414025
4004 — 65414026
3999 — 65414023
3852 — 65413032

4008 — 65415011
4011 — 65414018

Meeting Minutes for 9/9/18