Only one resident logged in to the meeting last Monday. Perhaps we will have better attendance at the next one. To help perk interest, here is a tentative agenda.

  • News and Noteworty
    • CalFire and Board of Forestry update (I will be posting about this later in the week as both Balcom and all of HR now fall under the SRA per the Board of Forestry/CalFire. This has incredibly huge repercussions for all residents and we need to begin addressing our issues.
      • Side Note: State Grants Program for people like us:
        • Takeaway: Applying for a grant would requires full road association registered with the state as a 501(c)(3)
  • Other neighborhood updates
    Source of road marks
    Drainage Review
  • Next Steps
    • ToDo List
    • Areas to repair
    • Gavin’s Pothole Plea
    • Areas to repave
    • Funding

Here is the link for the meeting.

You can also add the standing meeting to your computer Calendar.

Next Road Meeting: April 4th