I am finally back from assisting family and can again help organize meetings.

In an attempt to increase turnout and minimize wasted cycles the following are changes to meeting format/structure:

  1. Each meeting will have an agenda. Notes/minutes will be posted afterwards.
  2. Monday night meeting time has been moved to 7pm.
  3. The meeting will be adjourned until the next date if less than 5 residents are present ten minutes after meeting start time.
    5 residents is roughly 1/12th of our resident population. At the October ’21 meeting we had several residents volunteer to help coordinate/represent their respective sections. If the majority of these residents are present, meetings should be able to proceed and be productive.
    These were:
    Diana Andrade: Lower HR — Section A;
    Stephen Ribbs: QC –Section B;
    Kari Meneses Middle HR — Section C;
    Gavin Botha: Upper HR — Section D;
    LC Boros: HHL — Section E.

The sign at the start of the road has been updated with the proper info as I got a bit ahead of myself last week and had the wrong date.

The Current Meeting info page on this site has been updated, and to save time here is the invite link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81839432167?pwd=Nk8vOUFYTlV1ajJ4dzhxd051ZXhNdz09

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Meeting Update