Back at the big September meeting a number of residents thought having an email mailing list would be a good thing and so I set one up. It is Sadly no one has yet to subscribe to the new mailing list, so tonight I’m going to add everyone that has provided a contact email to it. Don’t worry, an introductory email will go out explaining how to use the list.

In addition, at the same September meeting being neighborly was discussed — specifically relating to if you are going to have a potentially loud party, it would be a nice thing to let your immediate neighbors know ahead of time. Well we can now add if you are going to have an open bonfire to this list. I know a few residents in the surrounding area are great about announcing their ag burns on NextDoor –for which they have permits via county. I mention this particular example because of the events this weekend when a residence up the way had a large open-air fire that resulted in several emergency vehicles roaring up the hill. Not only was I the one fielding half a dozen text and email messages from concerned residents, but because the fire department are not super familiar with our hillside, they thought the blaze was at our place. This resulted in them trying to get through our main gate. Sadly they did not fix the damage they did to our head units. Neither unit can be closed properly now and both require repairs.

So, please in the future, let your neighbors know if you are going to do something that may cause a fuss.

And finally a bit of news to make staying abreast of new posts here a bit easier. Tonight when I do the adds to the mailing list I will also set things up so that when a new post goes live here, the mailing list will notify you. How cool is that? The list works both ways, so if your email is subbed to it, you can send out a message as well. Perhaps to find the owner of a lost cow, get some help moving a derelict car or let everyone know you’re about to set something ablaze.

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  • January 14, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    Setup of the website to mailing list integration is complete! Sometime this weekend, when I have a spare hour I will manually add everyone who has provided a valid email address to the residents@ mailing list. A message will then go out welcoming all the new adds.

    Going forward, when a new post goes live here, you will get a notification in your inbox. You can then read the entire post as an email and reply to it that way, or you can pop over to the website to post a comment.

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