This is a repost from this week’s Nextdoor announcement.

It’s been a few years since the big cleanup along the banks of Flint Creek and with the pandemic still going on, there’s no opportunity for another social cleaning event and non-residents are still leaving garbage up here.

To combat this I’m going to sponsor a cleanup event for any residents who want to take part with some fun prizes up for grabs.

Looking for something to do with the family? Meander along the road and pick up anything you find that shouldn’t be there. Then take a pic of your haul and send it to

Have kids and want to get them out of the house for a bit? Send them out to do the work: if you don’t want them walking along the road send them out into a field to pick up stuff that doesn’t belong there. Send a pic of what they gathered to

Do you regularly go for a walk and already pick up after rude visitors? Take a pic of what you collected and send it.

Additional details:

If you come across a large item that won’t fit in your own weekly garbage, you can bring it to us and we’ll add it to our pile as we’ll be getting yet another dumpster this spring.

Now for the prizes:

  1. Anyone who posts a pic here by the end of April 15th will be entered in a raffle for a $50 Amazon or iTunes gift card or a super cool steel flower bird feeder.
  2. A few smaller prizes will also be up for grabs _and_ whoever finds and disposes (or brings to us) the plastic slide will be assured of one these.

Two last things:

1) if you aren’t able to get out yourself, consider donating something that can be used as a raffle prize. Feel free to be creative: baked goods, a hand made item like a knit or crocheted scarf, or even a free series of aerial photos of a property if you are handy with a drone.

2) If know of an area on your property that needs attention and you are unable to reach it yourself, please post email and we’ll try to get someone to help.

Trash Bounty