Higuera Road Association

Higuera Road – Quail Canyon Road & Court – Higuera Highlands Lane


Date: 8/20/2018

Location: 4011 Higuera Road

Attendees: Janet Beegle, Ardell Johnson, Mike Smith, lc Boros, Denny Taylor, Alex Gaviola, Joe Mitcham


Meeting Notes:

Joe Mitcham (of J Mitcham Construction and 4024 Higuera Highlands resident) is working with Peter Chang (new owner of 4015 Higuera Highlands Lane) who is building a new house.  As part of the construction, Joe will be trucking dirt fill to 4015 Higuera Highlands Lane, and will be assessing the current road condition and planning road repair caused by the heavy trucks.   Over the next two weeks, Joe will inspect the road and meet with Jerry Guevara (Santa Clara County Land Development and Engineering Inspector).

We will have another road meeting the week of Sept 3rd so that Joe can give us an update on his road assessment and any input from the county.

We also discussed drainage and alternate access routes that will be needed during road repair – but this meeting was primarily to meet with Joe, brief him on our efforts to repair and maintain our roads and understand what his work will entail.


Action items:

  • Janet Beegle will look into alternate routes for use during construction.
  • Ardell Johnson and Gavin Botha will inspect the drainage and make recommendations on how to improve drainage before the rain starts.
  • Joe Mitcham will inspect the roads, meet with the county.



Next Meeting: Week of Sept 3-7 (day TBD) at 4012 Higuera Highlands Lane




Meeting Minutes for August 20, 2018