I'm posting the meeting minutes from 4/26 on behalf of the note taker.  (I was out of state visiting family and did not attend the meeting.)
Please note many of the supplemental files are located at http://www.stega.org/HRAC/ .  We're working on a better storage/access solution, but for now to access this directory (as we want to keep access to just us residents) you need the fol
lowing login information:
Username: HRAC
Password: HIGUERA
4/26 Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Gavin Botha, Janet Beegle, Ardell Johnson, Mike Smith, Dennis Taylor
Agenda Items and notes:
Existing bank balance
 - Current account is tied to Ardell.  He is the only signatory.
        Would like to add more signatories, to avoid interest-bearing account due to accounting complications, and avoid unrea
sonable fees
 - Action Item: Ardell to find a better account, transfer balance
 - Committee recommends that all parcel owners will be sent a request for annual contributions towards ongoing road maintenanc
        August 1 is proposed date for notification, and contributions will be credited towards future major expenditures. Cont
ributions will be prorated based on linear distance; separate at road forks.
 - Action Item:  This information will be made more readily available.  Some of the distances are currently in the composite s
preadsheet up at http://www.stega.org/HRAC/Current-Road-Data.numbers (third tab).
Other Action Items
- LC:  gather contractor feedback for larger issues.
- ALL: Locate larger map(s) for discussions, topographical for drainage discussions.
- Next Meeting is TBD
What we need from residents!
1. If you have not viewed the road condition videos that were created last summer, please do!!!
2. Do you have specific issues or areas on the road that you\xe2\x80\x99re concerned about?  If so please post here or send an
 email to higueraroadassociation@gmail.com
Here is our initial list:
 - Subsidence past Quail
 - Some subsidence / repair on Quail
 - Damage on Higuera towards the end
 - Incomplete repairs down from Nancy Rose
 - Pothole at edge of road @ Nancy Rose corner
 - Drainage: need a discussion about what to do, short & long term
 - Opening up some of the corners to improve safety.
3. Most importantly: we will be holding WORK WEEKENDS to do some of the repairs ourselves.  Just like last summer's
 trash cleanup days, any physical help, cheering squads and refreshments are not only welcome, but super important!  Even if y
ou can just help for a couple of hours or bring the crews some cookies and lemonade, you're showing support will be greatly ap
preciated as these roads are well and truly ours.  Plus this is a great way to meet some of your neigh
Here is our initial list of what will be tackled:
 - Trim Almond trees on Dennis Del Ponte's property, leave trimmings for the cows
 - Clean up Oleander outside Herman\'9s lot, scrape dirt etc. off the road
 - Clean out drainage culverts
 - Patch potholes.
 First work day is planned for May 19th!

Meeting Minutes for April 26, 2018