3-26-18 Higuera Road Association Meeting

The first meeting in almost two decades was held this past Monday 3/26 at the Moose Lodge off Mt Pleasant Road and we had about 18 residents attend. The proposed agenda was:
1) Reform the Road Committee
2) Summarize past financial and assessment data
3) Obtain feedback on current road conditions
4) Update the Association’s records with parcel owners’ contact information

Here are the basic minutes.

Ardell gave a history of the old Association which started in the 1980s when the Bylaws were adopted. Since the 1990s the Association has functioned more informally with a handful of residents acting as a committee to discuss issues and propose/plan solutions. Up until about 15 years ago, it was a common occurrence for a group of residents to get together one or two weekends a year to address issues like potholes and sediment buildup themselves. (Much like the HR dumping cleanup last summer!)

Currently the old bank account for the Association is in Ardell’s name and it has a little over 3K left over from the last major repaving. That 1999 project was financed via assessments based upon distance from the base of Higuera Rd to parcel driveway.

We had several members volunteer to help reform the committee which will now meet to better formulate a list of issues and start sorting out solutions. These meetings will be open to any resident, but those who have volunteered to serve on the committee will make a concerted effort to attend.

Volunteers*: Lower Higuera: Samantha Rose and Madero Ocampo
Quail Canyon: Dennis Taylor
Upper Higuera: Gavin Botha and Ardell Johnson
Higuera Highland: Mike Smith and LC Boros
*Apologies if any names are misspelled please contact me for corrections.

If you are not listed above and are interested in volunteering to sit on the committee, please let me know so you can be added to the list. Once a time and place are established I will then notify all residents via Nextdoor. We will try to always notify residents of upcoming committee meetings.

Finally there was quite a bit of discussion about a few current road issues. Most of these topics were noted down but not discussed in-depth as the committee has agreed to spend more effort on them. Here is the short list of known issues/items of interest:
Hot Spots
Estimate Options (for current issues)
Signage/Gate Options to prevent non-resident traffic
How will the committee function and insure viability

These notes will be saved to the current file repository as well as posted on ND. I will be posting again to ND shortly regarding contact data for parcel owners.

Meeting Minutes for March 26, 2018