Attendees: Carol and Gene Mandere , LC Boros, and Margaret Belska

While a full group of five or more did not attend, thanks to Margaret there was plenty of information to cover.

  • Agenda
  • News and Noteworty
  • CalFire and Board of Forestry update
  • Side Note: State Grants Program for people like us: 
    • Takeaway: Applying for a grant would requires full road association registered with the state as a 501(c)(3)
  • Notes
  • SCC has abruptly reversed course and Margaret’s application is moving forward. This occurred at the February HLUET meeting.
    • SCC was the only county in the state trying to enforce the new Board of Forestry rules.
    • In addition BoF does not have discussion of these rules and possible changes nor any word about enforcement on the agenda of any upcoming meetings. (The hope is that the new rules will only be applied in full to new roads or at most we will be required to create turnarounds.)
  • The Board of Forestry’s Resource Protection Committee is discussing “Defensible Space Zone 0 Regulations within 14 CCR § 1299.01”. This would be a new zone definition, as current regulations define Zone 1 and 2 only. The next BoF meeting is today and I plan on listening in. Meetings are listed at the bottom of the main Board of Forestry page.

One Action Item:
I will work to setup meeting reminders that will go out to the mailing list. The list is private meaning your info isn’t shared with anyone. In addition to serving as a general discussion list, all posts made here are also sent out to the list. If you’re not on the list, consider joining it.

  • Everything else was tabled due to low attendance.
  • Other neighborhood updates

  • Source of road marks 
    Drainage Review
  • Next Steps
    • ToDo List
    • Areas to repair
    • Gavin’s Pothole Plea
    • Areas to repave
    • Funding
April 4th Meeting Notes