This meeting was scheduled and occurred very quickly as the volunteer committee members wanted to circle up and get a work day scheduled.  The bulk of the meeting was thus devoted to that with a few updates on other items.


Repaid Gavin for plastic used at top of cut through

Ardell is looking at options to get old records digitized and setting up a new account to replace the existing one that would allow for additional signatories.

Mike and LC will ask their accountant what he recommends, as he handles a lot of unusual clients.

ALL should all check old bylaws for historic info that may be of use.

Work Day 5/4

  1. Some pot holes may be filled with cold patch.  Ardell and Dennis are coordinating this item. Dennis will ask Bob Debo about dumper. Ardell will also inquire about renting an oil pod. Mike and LC will make available their plate compactor and mobile chipper.
  2. Kill weeds under plastic at cut through
  3. Any necessary tree trimming
  4. Put up No Parking Sign at HR/QC intersection

Ad Hoc this week:
LC and Gavin will tidy up remaining dirt that washed down from 4004 HHL (Singh)

Other Issues

  1. The washout along Higuera after Quail Canyon: LC will ask C2 Earth for a quote for general cost estimate (pertinent studies/general advisement) so we can start assessing that area
  2. Cut through: still pending county and trucking company
  3. Drainage of road from 4017 (Campbell) to 4002 (Hernandez): Mike will send drone up to fly over to assess situation
  4. Next meeting will be announced on ND or just we may just have a party so residents can meet each other.

Additional Items for LC

  1. Easements: Alex— deed and appendix.  County and old ByLaws
  2. Cut through status: road company and county.
  3. County: Drainage at 4004 HHL (Singh). (This is time permitting item.)
  4. C2 Earth email
  5. Print more spiffy maps.
  6. Notification of residents: post to ND and take sign board down to the start of Higuera.  Also post regarding resident tree pruning options*. Road may be slightly blocked at certain spots as they work.

*Tree clearing notes: general post covering need to keep over hanging branches from growing over the road.  Individual residents or volunteers will cut necessary limbs.  Debris can be handled one of three ways:  left on site as is, chipped on site, or brought to 4012 HHL for chipping.

Initial 2019 Road Meeting