Higuera Road Association

Road Section Assessment Information

The following is information from the original Assessment Formulation of Attachment to Bylaws

(a) Division ‘A’.  Division ‘A’ will be from the intersection of Higuera Road and Balcom Road, at the lower end of Higuera Road, called the beginning, up to the intersection of Quail Canyon and Higuera roads.

All property owners on the road will be members of Division ‘A’.  A weighted percent assessment will be used, proving the same cost per lineal foot of road used per property.  The assessment will be calculated as follows (and will be changed as required as the numbers of properties on the road changes): distance in feet from the beginning, to the upper side of each propertydrivemay is summed for all properties up to Quail Canyon, plus, the total length from the beginning to Quail Canyon for each property on Quail Canyon and above.  The sum of all distances id divided into each appropriate properties distance to arrive at each properties assessed percent of the cost for that division.  This provides a unique multiplier for each property below Quail Canyon and the same multiplier for all on Quail Canyon and above.

(b) Division ‘B’.  Division ‘B’ will be from Quail Canyon up Higuera Road to the intersection of Higuera Highland Lane and Higuera Road. 

All properties above Quail Canyon will share equally in assessments for this section of the road, plus assessments from Division ‘A’, above.

(c) Division ‘C’.  Division ‘C’ will begin at the intersection of Higuera Highland Land and Higuera Road to the terminus of Higuera Rd.

All properties that are on or within limits of road defined under Division ‘C’ will share costs using the same percept as defined under Division ‘A’ for those below Quail Canyon, plus assessments from Division ‘A’ and Division ‘B’.

(d) Division ‘D’. Division ‘D’ will being at the intersection of Higuera Road and Higuera Highland Lane to its terminus.  The length of the road in the Division is 1218 feet.  Assessment will be based on the same precept a Division ‘C’.



Division A, Higuera Road from Mountain Pleasant to Quail Canyon: Length of Section; 2260 feet

Division B, Quail Canyon Road and Quail Canyon Court

Division C, Higuera Road from Quail Canyon to Higuera Highland Lane: Length of Section; 1680 feet

Division D, Higuera Road from Higuera Highland Lane to end

Division E, Higuera Highland Lane to end